Day 1 of #100DaysOfFiberArts – working on the Poppy Power embroidery kit from Cozy Blue Handmade.

One of the things I’ve noticed about myself is that having external motivation (and sometimes, deadlines) is really important for getting things done. Just having a box to check at some point during the day makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something (even if it’s been one of those days where just getting out of bed, managing my hair, and putting calories and caffeine in myself is a challenge).

Technically Day 98, 99, and 100 of #100DaysOfFiberArts – a mix of spinning a Merino/linen blend on one of my Snyder Spindles, and working on the Shetland cowl that is part of one of my Shave Em to Save Em projects.

On those days when I’m on the struggle bus, it’s even more important that the box to be checked is really just about progress. This challenge wasn’t about completing certain projects – it was about doing *something* fiber related for at least a little bit each day. With multiple embroidery projects (3 at the moment), spinning projects (2 on wheels and 2 on spindles), knitting (2, socks and a cowl), and sewing (1, living history related), a stack of books and magazines, and many more projects waiting in the wings, it’s sometimes hard to decide what I want to work on at any given time. Some days, I’d do several hours of work focusing on just one thing. Other days, I’d spend 5 minutes on multiple projects without really feeling satisfied. And some days, “doing” wasn’t an option, due to sore hands or a foggy head. So I’d pick up something to read to keep building my skills.

It’s also really hard for me to make time to do things that are just for “me”. Fiber time is really me time, and this challenge made me set aside at least a little bit of time, even if it was just 15 minutes before bed, to do something for myself. The challenge also gave me something that I could pick up if I needed a break in the middle of a hectic day – I struggle to stop and step away if I’m trying to solve a really hard problem, or if I’m trying to complete something complicated while I can’t focus well. And the positive comments I get from my project posts on Instagram helps me have a bit of perspective. I may notice all sorts of mistakes I’ve made, but folks telling me that something looks good or asking which stitch I’m using reminds me that there’s a bigger picture too. It’s not all about the stitches that aren’t straight or the over-twisted yarn.

A person what turns fluff into fiber. Or something.

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