Sometimes Goals Just Aren’t A Good Fit

No blog posts in October, it’s already the 20th of November, and this will probably be a short post (without pictures).

Throughout the summer, I was finding myself waiting until the absolute last minute to do my two blog posts for the month. I’d think about what I’d want to write before then, but couldn’t bring myself to actually put words on the (electronic) page. So I got to thinking about why.

I realized that I was viewing posting as something I *had* to do. It was a chore, and not necessarily something fun to do. So I gave myself permission to not try to write in October. Maybe two posts a month was too much, given that I had only sporadically posted prior to this year. We’ll see how many times I come up with something to write about through the end of 2021. And what 2022 brings.

A person what turns fluff into fiber. Or something.

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