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    A New Pair of Shoes

    Even though I’ve only been to two events during 2021 (and admittedly, things aren’t looking great for the events on my calendar for the rest of the year), one of my big projects for the year has been to add to and improve the clothing and other items that I use at events. In the decade that I’ve been doing 18th century living history, one of my biggest struggles has been finding comfortable footwear that is accurate, durable, and (reasonably) affordable. My first pair of shoes was a pair of black Connies from Fugawee. These straight last shoes are fairly accurate at a reasonable price point (I think I paid…

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    Spinning Wheels Are Like Pretzels – It’s Hard to Stop at One

    Okay, it’s usually potato chips, but I’m not as much a fan of those snacks, so I changed the phrase. Moving on… A couple weeks ago, someone in one of the Facebook spinning wheel groups posted a photo of a wheel that they were considering acquiring. That inspired me to go check eBay for antique wheels. I do it from time to time, but rarely find anything worth dealing with the potential hazards of shipping a wheel (or find one that’s amazing but way too expensive for me). So imagine my surprise when I found a *really interesting* looking wheel. The seller described it as a “German Bride wheel”. It…

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    Ashford Traveller

    I bought my first spinning wheel only a few months after I learned to spin in the spring of 2008. I had an on campus job throughout the school year, and summer work lined up, so I had a bit of money I could spend. After looking around a bit, I decided on an Ashford Traveller. It looked like a solid wheel, and wasn’t too expensive, especially if I got one unfinished. So off I went to eBay, of all places, to order one. Of course I was telling myself I wasn’t going to put it together right away after it arrived, I’d save it for some point in time…