Time to Impose Some Order on Things

I’m not usually a new year, new goals kind of person. But in the interest of imposing some order in my life while outside order isn’t being imposed on me, I’m going to give it a whirl. In no particular order…

Create a fiber arts related challenge for myself for three months in 2021. Doing my 100 Days of Stashbusting challenge helped get me back into more regular spinning and knitting. I even got a couple of spinning projects done as a result. And since I got a subscription to the Paradise Fibers Fiber of the Month Club, the stash is going to keep growing quickly if I don’t stay on top of it. I think I’ll start with a goal of spinning at least 15 minutes a day during the month of January. I’ll used the hashtag #Spin15ADay to keep track of my progress on Instagram.

Write two blog posts a month. With no in-person events likely between now and June (either officially or by my choice), I want to be better about talking about what I’m working on project-wise, or what I’m reading and researching.

Complete 6 new items of history clothes and accessories in 2021. I’ve been wearing the same items (with only a few additions) for most of my living history career. I’ve got the PennyRiver embroidered pocket, my patchwork pocket, and the dumpster fire pocket to finish. I could use another petticoat (or two) and at least one new cap. I’ve got the fabric for a petticoat in a box, and a cap started (but stalled), and enough fabric for at least one more. There’s a gown that was started during a Burnley and Trowbridge workshop more than a couple years ago that needs finished (will probably end up with robing and a stomacher due to changes in size that I’ve had since then). I’ve also got two more bedgown patterns to try (Kitty Calash and Kannik’s Korner), and could really use a wool bedgown for the cooler months. My current linen bedgown is three or four years old at this point. And I need to work on full kit for SCA stuff when that starts up again.

A person what turns fluff into fiber. Or something.

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